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A Call to Wands


 Early in 2023 a coalition of magician judges and I issued the Enviromagic Challenge, daring magicians to use their talents of prestidigitation and creativity to record and submit new routines which educate and inspire audiences on environmental issues.  The results were announced on December 1, 2023!  Learn who the winners are and more at Enviromagic Challenge.





Cyril John May is The Resourcerer. 

He brings together his expertise in sustainability and stage magic to create stunning magical experiences that empower and inspire audiences with the message of a sustainable future.  

Who is Cyril John May?



Cyril’s most requested show, Resourcery is an adaptable performance of enviromagic mixed with discussion of key topics in sustainability.  Cyril tailors this to client requests, relying on his 30 years as a sustainability professional to ensure the message carries an accurate message.


A Brief History of

Trash at Yale

Cyril’s first TED Talk-style mash-up of magic and message, A Brief History of Trash at Yale still entertains and educates.  Cyril created this while he worked as Yale University’s first recycling coordinator.  Often called to present to departments, Cyril utilized his magic to give his colleagues the nuts & bolts of Ivy League sustainability as well as the broader picture.

Magic on the Move

Strolling Sorcery

Sometimes small magic is better than big.   Cyril delights in sharing his magic during the social portions of conferences, strolling throughout a venue during larger events, and interacting with attendees in small groups.  Such intimate experiences bring magic up close, personal and make it all the more powerful.  



Originally developed as a companion piece to an exhibit on climate change at the Yale Peabody Museum, MAGITRICITY conveys the challenges of the climate crisis and then quickly pivots to the solutions we have at our disposal.  


Water Wizard

Created with the help of the water magic Jeff McBride used to best Penn & Teller on their hit show, Fool Us, Water Wizard conveys the important messages our world needs to hear to manage this most precious resource in the 21st Century.


Your Event,

Your Presentation

Cyril delights in working with clients to develop presentations whether for holiday parties, workshops, training seminars or other occasions.


What People are Saying


Cyril was a fantastic additive to our corporate summit.  It was a way for our leaders to escape, enjoy and engage.

Jackie Schwartz, Director of Marketing, SH Hotels & Resorts


The positive response was absolutely overwhelming and there is wide consensus this was among the best TGIFs ever.

Maisah Khan, Global Institute for Sustainable Forestry/Yale Forest Forum


“You were perfect!

Daphne Dixon, Live Green Connecticut


We absolutely loved your show!”

Alley Pond Environmental Center

Don’t Miss

Better World Magic News 

April 2024 – IN THE NEWS:  I was delighted to be asked by Alan Howard, editor of the Society of American Magician’s MUM Magazine, to pen an article on the Enviromagic Challenge.  It is in print and on-line in the April issue.

February 2024 – NEW YEAR MAGIC:  I began 2024 with time travel rather than enviromagic.  I joined fellow magicians David Reed-Brown and Jonas Cain in providing conjuring for a 1920s-themed gala at the Inn at Mystic.

May 2023 – A CALL TO WANDS:  to encourage other magicians to create #enviromagic routines I have joined with other magicians to issue The Enviromagic Challenge.   Prizes of $500, $300 and $200 will be awarded to the top three routines which combine Magic, Theater and Message to educate and inspire audiences.  Learn more at  Enviromagic Challenge.

Have Wand, Will Travel

I would love to chat.  Give me a call whether you have an event, want to learn more or are just wondering what an environmental magician sounds like.


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