"Cyril was a fantastic additive to our corporate summit.  It was a way for our leaders to escape, enjoy and engage!" - Jackie Schwartz, SH Hotels & Resorts, 1 Hotels
"We absolutely loved your show!"  - Alley Pond Environmental Center
“The positive response was absolutely overwhelming and there is wide consensus that it was among the best TGIFs ever."  - Maisah Khan, Global Institute for Sustainable Forestry
“The feedback has been tremendous and folks wanted the show to continue an hour longer."  - John Blake, Connecticut Sierra Club
“You were perfect!"  - Daphne Dixon, Live Green Connecticut
“Cyril May casts his spell through his mesmerizing acts and more...He weaves a seamless tapestry of magic and narrative leaving his viewers at once both entertained and entriched."   - Roya Hakakian, award-winning author, poet, journalist and human rights advocate
"CJ is an amazing entertainer with an important message.  He is both magician and environmental professional.  CJ uses his magic to deliver the message of sustainability like no one else.  His performances are a powerful combination of entertainment, education and inspiration.  A new breed of magician for a new era, CJ May truly is the Resourcerer℠.”   - Jeff McBride, Magic Castle Magician of the Year, Guinness World Record Holder, three time award winner at the International Grand Prix of Magic in Monte Carlo
“CJ May knows more about recycling than anyone I have ever met. His expertise ranges from broad trends -- stemming from his considerable experience and his role in organizations such as the Connecticut Recyclers Association (as president) -- to detailed understanding of what it takes to actually make recycling happen in practice.  - Reid Lifset, Associate Director Yale School of Forestry & Environmental studies Industrial Environmental Management Program
“Cyril was an incredibly welcome addition for our second annual Feet to the Fire:  Riverfront Encounter.  He welcomed, educated, and entertained festival-goers of all ages and helped draw attention to our vendors and environmental exhibitors.  He was open-minded, unfailingly enthusiastic about the event, and full of ideas about how he could help to make it a success.  Three cheers for a mission-driven magician!"  - Rani Arbo, 2016 Festival Coordinator, Wesleyan University Center for the Arts.
"Thanks for a terrific and thought-provoking presentation!" - Julie Loughran, President and CEO, Connecticut Community Foundation
"Wonderful performer!  Fantastic Show!  A Must See!"  - Priscilla DeStefano, SmartLiving Center
Here are a few of CJ's clients, conferences and venues