CJ brings to his performances experience borne from years as storyteller and magician.   With more than a decade as a teller of Celtic tales, CJ knows how to enchant an audience with drama, character and interaction. To this he adds years of performance and study as a magician. He is an on-going student at McBride’s Magic & Mystery School, the foremost magicians’ school in the world.   There he has studied beside and at the feet of some of the world’s greatest magicians who serve as faculty: Jeff McBride, Eugene Burger, Larry Hass.   CJ has performed and presented at the prestigious Magic & Meaning Conference, an annual gathering of magic philosophers…magicians who look at the magic behind the magic. 
CJ also performs as his alter ego, Cyril the Sorcerer.  The iconic figure of the wizard adds further power to his presentations at schools and events on recycling, water, energy and other topics.  Visit CyriltheSorcerer.com for video and information on these performances.
CJ and his environmental magic are making waves in magic circles.  His teacher, Master Magician Jeff McBride, asked CJ to host the July 13, 2015 webisode of "Mystery School Monday".  In this webcast to magician members of the Magic & Mystery School, CJ focused attention on what he calls "Cause Magic":  magic performed to make the world a better place and not simply to entertain or amaze.  The November 2011 issue of Magic Magazine made Green Magic its cover story and profiled CJ along with several other environmental conjurers.  In its February 2009 issue M.U.M, the Society of American Magicians magazine, devoted several pages to CJ's recycling performances.
CJ is a member of the Society of American Magicians and the International Brotherhood of Magicians.   He has served as president of the local IBM Ring in New Haven, CT and as a mentor with the Southeastern Connecticut Young Magicians assembly.
Producing  Magic
CJ established and is the producer of Magic Week New Haven, an annual week-long extravaganza of magic during the last 7 days of October. He works with other magicians to provide this annual series of magical performances at libraries and other locations throughout the city and the surrounding county. CJ just might be the first magician to ever perform at a soup kitchen.  He has also used magic to support testimony offered to public officials regarding environmental issues. CJ has produced shows for award winning magicians Jeff McBride and Eugene Burger.